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Stryga, the Grotesque

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Notre Dame needs our help. Jean-Claude Bellanger, the secretary general of France’s Compagnons du Devoir, a historical artisan guild says the country lacks 100 stonecutters, 100 masons, 150 carpenters and at least 200 roofers. And, just recently, they've began to admit women to apprentice.

Gargyoles, Chimeras, Grotesques watch over and protect [surveiller et protéger] Paris. Stryga is the most famous Grotesque. It's our turn to watch over him and Notre Dame.

A percentage of the profits will be donated to Compagnons du Devoir earmarked for female apprentices.

Articles: NPR & The Guardian

Sterling Silver Pendant
1" L x .375" W x .25" D  | 25 mm L x 8mm W x 6mm D
Silver or moonstone necklace 18" | 45cm