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Gallowglass's Runes

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Gallowglass's Runes
inspired by the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

"When his fingers stilled, he drew out the rune that would tell him where matters stood now. Nyd, the rune for absence and desire. Gallowglass dipped his hand into the bag again to better understand what he wanted the future to hold. Odal, the glyph for home, family, and inheritance. He drew out the final rune, the one that would show him how to fulfill his gnawing wish to belong. Rad. It was a confusing rune, one that stood for both an arrival and a departure, a journey’s beginning and its ending, a first meeting as well as a long-awaited reunion. Gallowglass’s hand closed around the bit of wood. This time its meaning was clear."

Nyd Engraving: Absence & Desire

Odal Engraving: Home

Rad Engraving: Reunions

Oxidized Solid Sterling Silver or White Brass
.83" L x .67 W x .1D | 21 mm L x 17mm W x 2.25mm D